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About Prints For Charity

By day, BML Creative is a busy strategic brand design agency, helping our clients to overcome their marketing challenges with meaningful work that delivers a lasting competitive advantage.

In our free time though, we put our creative skills to use with regular design challenges. Every few months we all decide on a common theme we’d like to explore and set off to do something creative. There is only one rule – there are no rules!

Prints for Charity is the outlet for these creative experiments and over the past few years it has helped us to raise awareness and thousands of pounds for some incredible organisations that are doing amazing things in our community.

BML Creative making a donation to St. George's Crypt in 2016

(Above: BML donate £1035 to St George’s Crypt)

Supporting Local Charities

All sales made through the BML Print Shop go to a good cause, with all after-tax profits donated to local charities. We regularly choose new charities to support, deciding amongst ourselves and trying to make sure we have a good mix. The Charity section of our Journal is frequently updated with details of which charity we are currently supporting.

While we can’t support every cause, if you are a Leeds or West Yorkshire based charity and would like to introduce yourself then please get in touch!

BML team make a charity donation to Leeds Mind

(Above: BML donate £930 to Leeds Mind)

BML contribute £1500 donation to #NB20 campaign for St. Gemmas Hospice

(Above: BML donate £1500 to St Gemma’s Hospice as part of North Bar’s #NB20 campaign)

(Above: BML donate £1600 to The Prince of Wales Hospice)

How much does each sale raise?

Our aim is to raise as much money for worthwhile causes as possible, whilst still making purchasing a print as accessible as possible for as many people as possible.

Because we are a VAT registered business, we have to pay the government 20% of every transaction that goes through the shop, both printing and postage (we know, it’s a total shocker, but there’s no way round it as things stand – come on politicians, sort it out!).

We also have the costs of printing, packing and posting the prints which we need to pay to our print supplier.

Finally, we have PayPal fees (20p + 3.4% of the transaction amount) which are deducted from every transaction.

Everything else is donated to charity – we do not take a penny.

This means we have to keep the price of the prints at a level where we are still raising a reasonable amount of money to make the whole project worthwhile. On average 30% of the print price ends up being donated to charity.

The table below indicates the amounts raised for charity by a single purchase from our shop:

Print Size Print Price Postage Price Our Costs Amount Raised
A4 £18.00 £4.80 £15.73 £7.07
A3 £34.00 £7.80 £29.09 £12.71
A2 £44.00 £9.60 £37.91 £15.69
A1 £59.00 £9.60 £49.42 £19.18

We hope that you can see that when you buy a print from our shop, you are really making a difference!

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